Students with Temporary Disabilities

Temporary disabilities may include extended illnesses, concussions, broken limbs, and short-term impairments resulting from injuries, surgeries, or medical procedures.  Documentation of the temporary disability or limitation must be presented in order to receive accommodations.

Office of Academic Advising

The Associate Dean for Academic Advising, or another member from the OAA, can serve as a liaison with your faculty members regarding absence due to a temporary disability.

OAA in 125 Reynolda Hall, 336-758-3320

Student Health Service

Documentation of a temporary medical need, injury, or accident, should be submitted to Student Health Service (if treated at an outside facility).

Follow up with Student Health Service regarding options for transportation and the possibility of missing classes.

A motorized scooter is available on a first-come, first-served basis for students with temporary physical disabilities. The scooter is loaned to students at their own risk for a period of two weeks at a time. A refundable deposit and nominal usage fee are required to use the scooter.

Student Health Service in George C. Mackie Health Center, 336-758-5218

Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services

The LAC-DS can assist with academic accommodations, including proctoring of exams, scribing, note-taking, assistive technology, or providing extended time on tests and exams.

A meeting with an LAC-DS staff member may be necessary so that an appropriate letter of support can be provided to your faculty member denoting the accommodation needed.

Assistance with route accessibility on campus.

LAC-DS in 118 Reynolda Hall, 336-758-5929

Residence Life and Housing

RL&H can assist with temporary and accessible housing accommodations, if space permits.

Residence Life and Housing in Angelou Hall, 336-758-5185

Parking and Transportation

Temporary parking on campus is made available for students who have presented a medical need to Student Health Services.

Students who need permanent, accessible parking should contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in their home state to obtain appropriate parking decals.

Questions about on campus transportation, including shuttle schedules, can be found at

Parking and Transportation in Alumni Hall, 336-758-7275



118 Reynolda Hall, Hearn Plaza entrance

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