Rights and Responsibilities

Wake Forest University views the provision of reasonable accommodations, modifications, or auxiliary aides to enable equal access for students with disabilities as a collaborative process among students, faculty, and staff. The Learning Assistance Center  and Disability Services (LAC-DS) staff considers individual needs in each request and encourages an age-appropriate level of self-advocacy with students.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Students are ensured equal access to all programs.

Students’ disability-related records will be used to determine appropriate accommodations/services and will be kept separate from academic records.

Students must provide the LAC-DS with documentation of a disability and the need for accommodation.

Students must initiate a meeting with the LAC-DS staff to discuss the accommodation request in a time frame that allows adequate time to arrange the accommodations.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Institution and the Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services

Wake Forest University is responsible for enabling students to have equal access to its programs and facilities.

Wake Forest University reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of submitted documentation and requests for accommodation on a case by case basis, using the professional judgment of the LAC-DS staff and the Committee for Students with Disabilities.

Additional information may be requested to verify the disability and to make a decision on accommodations.

The LAC-DS staff will work to provide the student with a timely response to his or her requests, but the time frame will vary depending on the nature of the accommodation request.



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