Requesting Accommodations

Once a student is admitted to Wake Forest, he or she must complete the following steps to request academic accommodations:

  1. Complete the Request for Consideration form
  2. Due to current campus regulations, mail and fax services will not be checked on a regular basis at this time. Please submit all documentation electronically to in a single .pdf document. Email is the preferred manner for contact at the current time and all appointments will be held in a virtual/online environment until further notice.

    (During regular campus conditions: Submit a copy of the disability documentation. Please review the following guidelines for documenting a disability. Students may submit documentation electronically to Electronic documentation should be submitted as one file in PDF format. Documentation may also be faxed to 336-758-2455 or through the US Postal Service to Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services, Wake Forest University,  Box 7283, Winston-Salem, NC 27109)

  3.  Documentation will be reviewed by a senior staff member, who will be in contact by your Wake Forest University email when review is complete. Please feel free to call our office or email with any questions in the meantime!

If architectural or extensive accommodations are anticipated, then early disclosure to the Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services is most helpful.

Please note that Instructors may expect students  to request services in a manner that is timely with respect to the action needed (e.g. five business days before an in-class examination for extended test time).

Please see the following link for more information about policies and procedures at WFU regarding accommodation requests.

Policy and Procedures for Student Disability Accommodation Requests (PDF) 

    Returning Students with LAC & DS

  • Accommodation Letters

    Receiving your accommodation letters at the start of every semester:

    1. If you have previously received accommodations at WFU, an email will be sent to you automatically at the start of each semester by the LAC-DS. Please reply to the email with the following information:
      • A current list of your courses including the 3 letter, 3 digit course code (example: CHM 111)
      • Each professor’s first and last name
    2. You may also visit our office in person and fill out a Release of Information form. Please note that all students receiving accommodations for the first time must meet with a staff member before receiving their accommodation letter.

    We will email you when your letters are ready to be picked up.  Please be advised you may have to wait 7 to 10 business days before your letter is ready to pick up in the LAC-DS.

  • I have my accommodation letters... now what?

    As soon as possible (within the first two weeks is preferred) plan to do the following:

    1. Make an appointment with your professor during their office hours so you can personally deliver your letter. Do not simply hand your professor your letter on the way out of class.
    2. Discus with your professor how to proceed with your accommodations. Example questions include:
    • “If I have extended time, will I start my test before or after class?”
    • “Where will the test be proctored?”
    1. Work with your professor to schedule the test under their supervision. It’s best to have access to the instructor during the test in case you have questions or need clarifications.
    2. One week prior to a test or exam, remind your professor about the agreed upon accommodations for the test or exam.
    3. If you and the professor are unable to arrange an extended test time within the department due to scheduling concerns, please contact the LAC-DS at 336-758-5929. Please be aware that advanced notice is needed to schedule an exam in the LAC-DS, and each step takes time. Scheduling 2 weeks in advance is preferred, but a minimum of 5 working days before the test is required.

    Should you need to use the LAC-DS during final exam week, please make arrangements with the professor and with the LAC-DS as soon as possible.