Information For Students

accommodation letters are going digital fall 2020

Important information regarding LACDS changes in light of COVID-19.

– Already Picked-Up Your Accommodation Letters this semester and have your accommodations in place for your classes? Now it’s time to reach out to your professors to determine how your accommodations will be handled in the online learning platform.  Contact your professors soon!

– Still Need To Get Your Accommodation Letters? Email to discuss next steps. If you submitted documentation to our office but do not yet have your letters, please email or call to set up a virtual appointment.

– Need to submit documentation? Due to current campus regulations, mail and fax services are no longer being checked. Please submit all documentation electronically to in a single .pdf document. Email is the preferred manner for contact at the current time and all appointments will be held in a virtual/online environment until further notice.

Test Proctoring
– Tests will not be proctored by the LAC-DS. Please confirm with your professors to ensure testing occurs in accordance with your accommodation.

Welcome to the Learning Assistance Center and Disability Services (LAC-DS).  Here you will find helpful information to help guide you through the accommodations process.  Please let us know if you have any questions at any time.  We’re here to help!

Contact LAC-DS: 

In addition to coordinating accommodations for students with disabilities, our office is committed to helping all WFU students in reaching their academic goals. We offer specific assistance through academic coaching and through our peer tutoring program!