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Counseling Graduate Assistants

The Learning Assistance Center’s four counseling graduate assistants play a significant role in providing academic support services to WFU students. Each graduate assistant meets individually with WFU students to help them refine and develop effective study strategies and skills that contribute to academic success at WFU. Currently, all four of the graduate assistants in the LAC-DS are pursuing their MA in Counseling at WFU.

Emily Barber, Counseling Graduate Assistant
Quviah Streater, Counseling Graduate Assistant

Graduate Student Workers & Graduate Intern

The graduate student workers in LAC contribute to the overall operation of the Learning Assistance Center. They are responsible for assisting the LAC staff in managing requests for peer tutors and other academic support services. In addition, the graduate student workers assist in coordinating staff schedules and assistive technology requests, which includes providing texts in alternative format. Our graduate student worker is pursuing a MDiv in the WFU School of Divinity. Our graduate intern has been working with us on specific projects for the LAC- DS. These projects include: helping us re-develop, organize and streamline our website, develop accessibility directions for buildings on campus, and help students one-on-one with accessible text and technology needs.

Pamela Mitchell, Graduate Student Worker
Daniel Steger , Graduate Intern 




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