Important information regarding LACDS changes in light of COVID-19.

For more information about how to make the most of your online learning experience, visit Keep Learning.

Your LAC-DS team is available online to help you as you transition to and begin learning in an online environment.  Please contact us by email ( or call (336-758-5929).

– Need To Get Your Accommodation Letters? Email to discuss next steps. If you submitted documentation to our office but do not yet have your letters, please email or call to set up a virtual appointment

– Need to submit documentation? Due to current campus regulations, mail and fax services are not being checked. Please submit all documentation electronically to in a single .pdf document. Email is the preferred manner for contact at the current time and all appointments will be held in a virtual/online environment until further notice.

Academic Coaching
– Virtual academic coaching will be available Monday through Friday 8:30am – 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

– Call or email our office to schedule a virtual academic coaching session with a member of our senior staff.

– We will not have face-to-face academic coaching appointments at this time.

Peer Tutoring
– Our online peer tutoring schedule is now available here.

Test Proctoring

– Tests will not be proctored by the LAC-DS. Please confirm with your professors to ensure testing occurs in accordance with your accommodation.

Office Support

– You may call (336-758-5929) or email ( with any questions.

The mission of the Learning Assistance Center & Disability Services (LAC-DS) is to provide opportunities for all students to achieve academic success.

Assistance is provided through academic coaching and individual and group tutoring.

Students with a wide range of learning and other documented disabilities may also receive academic support, accommodations, training, and advocacy through the LAC-DS.

We would be happy to come talk to your group about topics related to our office. To request an LAC-DS program or presentation, please completely fill out this form. A staff member will get back in touch with you shortly. Whenever possible please submit requests at least three weeks in advance.

Academic coaching provides opportunities for students to develop and refine their learning skills and academic performance.

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Our Peer Tutoring Program provides individual or group assistance to any undergraduate student wishing to improve their learning in specific courses.

The LAC-DS coordinates academic accommodations and related services to all WFU students with documented disabilities.