FAQ about Extended Time Accommodations

How will I know if a student in my course has a disability or a need for an accommodation?
Students who need academic accommodations will present you with a personalized letter from our office that confirms the presence of a disability and describes the accommodation request.

What’s the best way for me to provide the accommodation of extended time for tests and exams?
We encourage students to negotiate the logistics of the extended time administration with individual faculty members. Some students choose to arrive early and start the exam before other students, while others will choose to stay later to finish the exam. Alternatively, some students and faculty members choose to make arrangements with other space available in the department.

What if my schedule (or the student’s schedule) doesn’t allow for extending the time allotted for the exam?
Limited space is available to proctor exams within the LAC-DS. Arrangements can be made by contacting our administrative coordinator, Wende Walker, in advance. However, it’s important to note that over 90 percent of extended time exams are proctored in academic departments. That way, students have access to the faculty member during the exam.

What if I chose to give the entire class extended time?
When a faculty member extends the length of a standard timed test or exam for all the students in a class, then the extended time for the student with a disability should be proportionally increased, according to that student’s approved accommodation for extended test time.  For example, if the scheduled exam is 3 hours for nondisabled students, then the student with a disability, with 50% extended test time, would get 4.5 hours.  If the professor allows the nondisabled students 4 hours to complete the exam, then the student with a disability should be given 6 hours to complete the exam.

A student has told me that because she receives extended time on tests and exams she is also entitled to have extended time on out-of-class assignments like papers and projects. Is that correct?
No. Accommodations for extended time apply to tests, exams, and timed, in-class assignments only.

My final exam is part of a national administration (e.g., the American Chemical Society exam), and the exam is timed, on a computer. Do I still have to provide extended time?
Yes. Extended time applies to tests given throughout the semester and to the end of the semester final exam. Arrangements should be made to provide an extended time accommodation.