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Students who request academic accommodations are required to disclose their disability to the Learning Assistance Center. In addition, they must provide documentation of their disability to support their request. Once it has been determined that students are eligible for reasonable accommodations, they will receive a hard copy letter, personalized for each faculty member, that (a) confirms the presence of a disability and (b) briefly describes the approved accommodation. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with each faculty member to hand-deliver their letter and to discuss implementation of their accommodation(s).

It is very helpful to include a statement in your course syllabus inviting students who have disabilities to discuss their academic needs. An example of such a statement is “If you have a disability that may require an accommodation for taking this course, then please contact the Learning Assistance Center (336.758.5929) within the first two (2) weeks of the semester.”

For more information about providing academic accommodations for WFU students with disabilities:

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